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Ezkovich & Co. Files Petition for Certiorari to United States Supreme Court in Maritime Contracts Case

Written by Kristin Lausten

Alan D. Ezkovich and Kristin M. Lausten of Ezkovich & Co., counsel of record for Larry Doiron, Inc. and Robert Jackson, filed a Petition for Certiorari with the United States Supreme Court in Larry Doiron, Inc., et al., v. Specialty Rental Tools & Supply, L.L.P., et al. seeking review of the Fifth Circuit’s en banc decision.   Despite the district court sitting as a court in admiralty, the en banc panel reversed the three-panel appellate decision and applied a state law that precluded enforcement of the underlying Master Service Agreement to maritime services performed in association with an oil and gas platform located in inland navigable waters.  “A commercial mariner should have, indeed has, the right to expect an admiralty court to recognize and enforce its rights of defense and indemnity irrespective of the nature of the business of the party for which it provides its services.  It is manifestly unjust to stretch admiralty law landward to a train wreck yet leave a crane bargeman stranded on the waters without the benefits and protections of the law of the sea upon which he risks his life and business.”

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